Thursday, September 19, 2013

Driving Mrs. Nesbitt (9/17/13)

In this session, we did a few quick gestures of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story before critiquing everyone's rough animation test. I received some notes about ways I can push my animation and poses and I sketched down the instructor's suggestions.  The biggest suggestion was pushing the camera angle during the transformation sequence. It is a good suggestion and I am sure it will make my animation better.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rough Test (9/12/13 session)

This is my rough test for the scene I selected.

Birds of a Feather (9/10/13 session)

In this session, we drew some gestures from "The 3 Caballeros." This was followed by a work session for our rough tests.

Gestures and Feelings (9/5/13 session)

In this class session, we drew some gestures from a Tom and Jerry episode titled "The Guardian." Afterwards, we were given different emotions and we had to draw as many variations as possible of our characters expressing that emotion. This was to introduce us to our homework assignment which was we have to take one scene from our storyboard and do a rough animation test. The catch was that we have to select a scene that includes at least 3 different emotions.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Character Designs- 1st pass

For my short, I worked on several different designs of outfits, hairstyles and eyes. I decided I wanted a character that's more sassy. I tried to portray that attitude in a couple of pose sketches. I also laid out several different color ideas and a height chart based on head sizes.

Warming Up (8/29/13)

These are warm up gestures we did during class. They are from Disney's Symphony Hour.

Storyboard- First Pass

For this storyboard, I went for a simple idea of someone wanting food. I then added an obstacle that there is no food in the fridge. At that point, the devil comes by offering them the most delicious sandwich in the world in exchange for their soul. Being refused, the devil gets angry and leaves. Only then does the main character check her freezer to find a single microwave burrito.